We welcome members and visitors to our Friday talks.   Visitors under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult (such as a parent / carer / guardian or group leader).

The society rents the Junior School Hall at the Royal Russell School (RRS) for its Friday meetings.   Visitors should be aware that Royal Russell is an independent boarding school and that school children will be on site during the Friday meetings.

School Rules

A condition of our agreement with RRS is that our members and guests comply with RRS’s rules whilst on site.   Attendees at meetings organised by the Croydon Astronomical Society must therefore:

  1. arrive and leave by the RRS main gate in Coombe Lane.  Drivers should proceed to the designated car park as described on our webpage - https://astrocroydon.wixsite.com/mysite/talks

  2. not trespass on any part of the adjacent premises of the RRS site.

  3. be aware that cars are left at the owner’s risk in the RRS car park.  Please respect the school’s speed limit of 5 miles per hour.

  4. not smoke or vape anywhere on the School grounds.

  5. not remove any of the School’s property from the premises.

  6. comply with the fire precautions – all members and guests are required to sign the attendance sheet as soon as they arrive at the meeting.  If the fire alarm sounds, members and guests are required to leave the building using a fire exit and re-assemble in the adjacent car park where names will be checked off against the attendance sheet.  Please be aware of members or visitors who may have restricted mobility.

  7. not cause nuisance to either the school or local residents. In particular, at the end of each meeting, we have been asked to leave the site quickly and quietly bearing in mind that the site is also located in a residential area.